Peugeot launches his Drive to Tennis Campaign with Novak Djokovic

Finally, on air!

A few months after the end of the post-production process @ Mikros Image, proud to show this work with Novak Djokovic, a nice guy and also wonderful tennis player.

Peugeot first released this new digital campaign Drive to Tennis with agency Sponsorship360 (Lagardère group) across 8 countries in Europe.

Special thanks to our crew @ the production company & the Mikros great team for their continuous commitment.

More infos :


Azzaro reinvents himself with WANTED

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Worldwide launch for Azzaro new fragrance, Wanted!

Lot of people involved, lot of time spent … and still many films to be revealed.

All the info here:

KEROSENE is online at

KEROSENE is online at

Finally, Kerosene is online, on the very cool website And they wrote a very cool review too, here:

The occasion for me to thank all the team and the people who helped us during this adventure!

You guys made this project possible!

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.32.43 PM

KEROSENE, coming soon.

KEROSENE, coming soon.

The fashion film project we’ve been working on the last months finally has its title.

We called it “Kerosene”.

Because it matches the inflammable atmosphere of the film.

Because it’s short and efficient.

Because we love the way it sounds.

Kerosene will go on air next week. Stay tuned!

Life From Outer Space

A beautiful CGI spatial promo directed by the pals from the studio Fabulous, Albin Merle and Adrien Pezé, in which I’ve helped in the editing process.